Reddot Solutions is a company solely dedicate to the education sector. Built by those who have been in this business for a good part of 50 years. It aims to provide practical and value driven solutions to all the segments in this sector.


Variety of Open ended solutions

We have generic products, products that are suited to everyone. And then we have enhancements and On Demand Modules, suited for very specific ones.


Carefully Crafted Components

Each module has been carefully designed to not just look good, rather have a lasting impact on the user by solving the problem and then some .


Enterprise Mobility

We help you to run your company through the screen of your mobile phone. Total End to End solutions that solve any business problem, the 21st Century way.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ensuring that your product reaches far corners of the country.
We ensure that all the products we host, we also market them to places where it is not easy to reach. It is a part of our Value Added Services Program.

Your work will get much easier



We come equipped with an ERP that caters to total needs of schools. Right from the fee handlling to homework and grading management, the ERP handles all. Click Here


Students and Teachers

The boon of 21st Century technology- Education On The Go. With our LMS, now students can learn anywhere, anytime at all. While TRM India makes available all the resources a teacher needs. Click Here



We also offer our services to many publishers who need their content hosted online on the LMS and offer to create resources that they otherwise would spend a fortune to develop. Click Here


Global Market

We also offer our sevices to international clients which in turn, partner us in our ventures Click Here.

Used by over 20 lakh students worldwide

The LMS and the e-learning tools we develop for our clients have a huge market. An estimated 20,000 teachers in over 500 schools is a very realistic target for us for this academic session. This is what User Acceptance Testing revealed:

Sunita Kapoor

"I was involved in the discussions when this product was being designed. And this is exactly how we discussed, a tool that benefits it's user more than it just sells a solution."

Nandini Sharma

"Smart Classes have been in our curriculum for a while now but we needed something that really impacts us in a positive way. This product seems just that and we hope we get to use it soon."

Yati Datta

"What this LMS brings is what every LMS has. But it's the way it presents things which makes it easier to use this.